About Us

About Wired Training

Everything you need to know about Wired Training.

Wired Training is made up of a group of marketing professionals, all aiming to provide specialist knowledge for advanced learning. Through constant analytical and technical development, the program strives to offer informative and current industry content, which allows businesses and employees to remain relevant to their intended audience.

Wired Training believe in forward thinking and aim to deliver a professional yet personal learning experience. This is achieved through their;

  • Experienced marketing professionals
  • Friendly, approachable & supportive nature
  • Resources team, creating downloadable content
  • Research analysis, keep courses industry relevant
  • Customised training and support
  • Tailored guidance & advice
  • Interactive activities
  • Creative content

Meet our Teachers

Anthony Melling

Anthony has been voted as one of the top 5 influencers by Google Squared, his knowledge helps breakdown complex digital marketing theories and strategies.

Amy Birch

Amy has managed hundreds of marketing campaigns for a number of companies ranging from SME's through to large PLCs.

Andrew Hardman

Andrew's vast business and marketing experience allows him to build strategies and bespoke solutions for a wide range of companies.

Ross Ironfield
Together Housing
Before the training day took place, the communication and documentation we received was very good and nicely presented. It clearly outlined the schedule for the day, and the detailed questionnaire sent beforehand prompted me to think carefully about what information we would need to be covered on the course that would be useful to our business specifically.